Many athletes that are participating in endurance type sports are using IV therapy to help them get hydrated and electrolytes.

Due to our fight or flight system, the stress of endurance type sports can take the body through a range of physical changes.

  • Blood flow is directed toward muscles and away from the digestive systems to decrease good absorption of eaten nutrients.
  • Muscles that are exerted for a prolonged period initiating micro damage to cells and tissues. Inflammation could occur when the body attempts to heal damage.
  • Muscles stressed for prolonged periods of time causes the body to release the stress hormone cortisol which decreases the immune system.

Drinking water will help to rehydrate the athlete but will dilute needed electrolytes.  The digestive systems and kidneys can be temporarily weakened and then unable to process fluids normally.

Athletes that may benefit from IV nutrient therapy is long distance runners, bikers, triathletes.  Other athletes are ones that are in prolonged tournaments that causes hydration and nutrient loss through sweat.

IV nutrient therapy can deliver fluids, electrolytes, and vitamins to help replenish depleted elements.  Plumeria Wellness has a Powerhouse infusion that replaces amino acids for muscle restoration, vitamins and minerals.  It is recommended to have 1 infusion prior to prolonged exertion and 1 infusion after prolonged exertion.