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We do nutritional lab testing to identify the deficiencies then develop an individualized nutrition plan with coaching in order for you to best succeed. Nutrition is linked to many illnesses and chronic health issues. Processed foods build up toxins in our body, thus causing abnormal function at a cellular level then causing symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, achy joints, digestive issues and inability to lose weight.

By identifying what the nutrition need is we can help to improve your health with alternative ways other than pharmaceuticals. Oral supplements, diet, IV therapy are ways to improve health. Once deficiencies are identified then we will develop a supplement plan and diet plan specifically for you. We will support your nutritional journey with follow up visits with a Nurse Practitioner.

Our Services


Sick, distressed, dehydrated, or just exhausted? Our IV and injections services repair and re-hydrate muscles, enhance immune systems and boost your energy levels.


Having pain, frequent illness or swelling? Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a massage technique that will improve lymphatic fluid flow. Improves healing and decrease pain before and after surgery, athletic injury or just helps to maintain your well-being.


Nutrition planning and coaching are specific programs that help to improve health and wellness through specific diet recommendations and follow up


Feeling tired, overweight and depressed? Well it may be related to hormone imbalance or nutritional deficiencies. We offer thorough assessment of your lab work to identify where you need optimization. We will then recommend a plan to get you back at your best.


Can’t lose that stubborn weight? Are you told to just eat less and exercise more? We individualize a weight loss plan including nutrition assessment, diet plan, and natural products to enhance your weight loss.

At Plumeria Wellness LLC, we want to be part of your wellness journey by providing a variety of services to assist in optimization and maximization of health and rejuvenation.

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